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+7 (495) 988-80-43

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About company

"BIMEX GROUP" LLC is an international forwarding agent represented in key logistic centres of Russia and abroad. It permits to organize transportation of goods all over the world. We render a full complex of logistic services including organization of transit of goods by all means of tonnage. Our service is notable for its stability, quality and result.
The company specializes in conveyance of heavy and oversize cargoes. Specific character of transportation of above-level cargoes differs from ordinary one, as much more restrictions arise in the first case than in transit of loads corresponding to standards. The engineers of the company "BIMEX GROUP" LLC will draw up the schemes of the transit of goods of any size and weight and the experts will fulfill them.

The main merit of our company is the experienced skilled and not indifferent to its work staff.

All the specialists of our company have higher transport education. They are the graduates of leading Universities of Russia. Invaluable long experience of work in the field of transport combined with the correct management of the company executive permit the staff of "BIMEX GROUP" LLC to solve the most difficult logistic problems and to provide our Clients really irreproachable services.