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Transportation of heavy equipment from South Korea to Lisky in the Voronezh region of Russia

 The project of BIMEX GROUP LLC for the transportation of overweight cargo (Complete automatic technological line оn manufacture and processing casing gas-oilwire, ргоfilеelectrowelded straight seems pipes with external diameter from 426 till 1420 mm, length 12050 mm, wall thickness 7,9…60mm, Х120) from South Korea to the Voronezh Region.

Bimex Group came up with some innovative solutions for this logistical challenge.

1. The main delivery was arranged from the South Korean ports of Busan, Masan, and Inchon where the cargo was divided into two parts. The large-scale cargos were shipped in dry-sea containers and the overweight cargo?(was) sent by bulk. It was impossible to transport the cargo by road due to the excessive size and weight of the cargo and the inadequate strength of Russian roads and bridges. Similarly, rail transport wasn’t possible due to size restrictions. So, it was decided to ship the cargo by the river Don to the town of Lisky, where it was unloaded onto a special wharf.

2. Initially, we considered a northern route, shipping the cargo to the port of St Petersburg, where it would be transferred to a barge, and later to a special road transporter. However, we realised that the northern route delayed delivery considerably because of the late opening the river navigation. An alternative southern route was considered, involving a transshipment into the transit port of the Black Sea and entered into the Don from the Azovsko-Donskoy channel. In addition, the navigation in the Upper Don is limited and unpredictable. Accordingly, we chose the Southern Route which allowed us to take advantage of the spring floods.

3. In order to minimize transport costs we chose a unique barge of the river-sea navigation class which both enables entry into any the Black Sea port, but also can go up the River Don all the way to Lisky. The loading capacity of the barge is more than 2000 tonnes, whilst having a minimum draft of only 60 cm.

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