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Transportations of project cargoes

• In comparison with other transport-forwarding companies ''BIMEX GROUP'' has a considerable advantage. Equally with cargo transportations in containers and other cargoes which do not present technical difficulties in transportation, our company provides transportations of heavy lift and project cargoes, that is technically a difficult task.
• In history of our work there are transportations of heavy lift technics and equipment up to 25 meters length, 5,5 meters wide or/and high, weight up to 400 tones, particularly:
• for atomic electric power stations and hydro electric power stations;
• for oil - refining factories and chemical enterprises;
• metal - constructions for bridges, dams and elevators;
• high speed yachts, boats, helicopters, cranes, boring machines, etc.
• We offer our clients full service in transportation and forwarding of heavy lift and project cargoes with working out optimal transport schemes, which answer maximum technical conditions of transportation, using different types of specialized transport:
• platforms and transporters with carrying capacity up to 500 tones;
• special low-framed auto trailers and automobiles with carrying capacity up to 1000 tones;
• floating cranes with carrying capacity up to 500 tones;
• special vessels with cranes or arrows with carrying capacity up to 1000 tones and possibility to be used in horizontal type of loading (Ro-Ro), semisunk vessels, lighter boats;
• river-barge platforms and pontoons, with possibility to use scaffolding type of loading/unloading.
• Transportation of project cargoes demands special skills, knowledge and experience in organization of such transportations. Our company provides full coordination of capability, routes and type of transportation, our company works out and assures schemes of loading and fastening of cargoes in transport means, registrants all necessary permissions for transportation of cargoes on their transportation route, assure control over cargo transportation.